Postcard Marketing Handbook

On April 5, 2014, in E-books & Course, by jacob

Postcard Marketing Handbook

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The secret is that ad agencies, copywriters, and other vendors routinely push clients to the marketing programs that are most lucrative for the vendor – and NOT the most cost-effective for the marketers.

Big surprise, right?

  • Copywriters, for example, talk clients who can’t really afford it into hiring them to write, at outrageous fees, elaborate multi-component direct mail packages – and fancy magalogs – that cost a bloody fortune.
  • And of course, even when the mailing flops for the client who should never have done it in the first place, the copywriter doesn’t suffer – but instead, collects a nice fat fee.
  • List brokers, printers, letter shops, ad agencies, copywriters, and graphic artists all love creating big mega-mailings, because it’s fun and lucrative.

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