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[FREE] PressBot Crack Download - FULL Version Licence Key

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For over a century, issuing Press Releases related to business news and events has been a mainstay off offline advertising. Unlike taking an ad out in a newspaper or magazine, a Press Release is a Powerful and FREE form of advertising your business, while keeping it in the public view.

Surprisingly, very few online businesses take advantage of the traffic benefits of issuing Press Releases, preferring instead to follow the mundane routines of article marketing, which is far more complex and time consuming. Consider this - with article marketing, the business owner has to focus on indirectly driving traffic back to their web site by writing about a variety of topics, all without being able to clearly promote their business activities.

Press Releases on the other hand, allow the business owner to write short, compelling pieces directly about their business activities and present them to the media. Online, there are dozens of FREE web services dedicated to the collection and distribution of Press Releases, which are in turn picked up and displayed on other, related web sites via RSS or News Feeds. Depending upon the news worthiness of the Press Release, it's not uncommon to find them picked up by the media as filler material, which adds instant credibility to your online business!

PressBot Features

  • Automatically Submit to our list of Online Press Release Distribution Services (HOT)
  • Automatic Distribution Service Updates
  • Includes 5 Press Release Templates (HOT)
  • Unlimited Account Profiles
  • Unlimited Company Profiles
  • Smart Error Logging
  • Supports Site Title And Description Rotation
  • Supports Keywords
  • Supports Manual and Automatic CAPTCHA* Solving (HOT)
  • Automatic Service Updates (HOT)
  • Threading For Significantly Increased Submission Speed (HOT)
  • Comprehensive Submission Reporting System (HOT)
  • Ability To Edit Account Profiles
  • Support For Basic Jet Spinner Syntax (HOT)
  • Ability To Delete Unwanted Services
  • In Depth Submission Error Reporting
  • Export Account Profiles To CSV
  • Supports Unlimited Public and Private Proxy Servers (HOT)
  • Works On Both 32 and 64 Bit Windows Operating Systems (XP, Vista and 7)

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