Profitable Candlestick Trading | Trading Japanese Candlesticks

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My E-Book explains my forex system in complete detail

  • Detailed descriptions of the 5 candle stick patterns I trade
  • Exactly where and when to enter the trade
  • Where to place your Stop Loss
  • Where to place your Take Profit
  • When not to take the trade
  • Real world examples on each of the candlestick setups

Custom Indicator and template

  • My custom indicator automatically draws and updates monthly, weekly,daily, 4 hour, 1 hour and 15 minute support resistance levels.
  • My template so you can easily spot potential trades

Trade Manager

  • My trade manager that allows you to have two levels of take profit, move to break even and a trailing stop
  • My set files for each of the strategies.

Trade Journal

  • This is a simple excel worksheet that I use to keep track of my trades.

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