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From $150,000.00 in Debt to Financial Success in Six Months

In addition to Dan Kennedy, another Psycho-Cybernetics success story came forward to make sure the Zero Resistance Living® program was brought back to life. His name is Jeff Paul. Maybe you've seen his info-mercials or heard about his astounding rise from the ashes of financial ruin. Jeff's story is equally phenomenal. Let's hear it from Jeff right now, in his own words:

"One night, awake from stress, after Peggy and the guys went to sleep, Iadded up my credit card debt, and got light headed and sick when I saw the figure. I was just shy of $100,000 in the hole. And that was only the credit card debt!

"Inside of six months from that painful day we had purchased a $385,000 house with half as the down payment! I had paid off the $100,000 in credit card debt, had a thriving multi-million dollar business operating out of my home and reached millionaire status! Peggy and I always wanted a vacation home on a lake up north, and we got it. Paid cash.

"Now please make sure you understand that all this happened as a DIRECT RESULT of applying the techniques I gleaned from Dr. Maltz. I did not get any "angel" to loan me money and bail me out, I had no family members help me. I had no infusion of cash to help in any way. This is NOT a story that began with some miracle of money that fell into my lap. No way.

"I made a fledgling, new business I was struggling to start into a huge winner, going from zero to $100,000.00 a month in just 90 days. The specifics of my business do not matter. It wasn't some wild fluke, like a "" What my business was isn't important, because I assure you, it does NOT matter whether your most urgent need is to escape a dead-end job and be your own boss, or to turn around a troubled business, or to get a promotion or raise, or lose weight, or re-kindle lost passion for your life, or just cut strokes off your golf game and replace those slices with magnificent, long, straight shots - - the very same Dr. Maltz's Mental Training Techniques that I used will work for you too... in whatever situation you are in."


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