Retail Flipping

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Retail Flipping

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Retail Flipping

Uncovering the Secrets to Flipping Retail Products for Big Profit - by Finding the Best Time to Buy

There is a ton of information that tells you what to buy. This book is different.

Retail Flipping helps you to take a fresh look at online selling. It teaches you how to lower your costs, and increase your profit margin.

The result is consistent and profitable online sales - no matter where you sell.

7 Ways "Retail Flipping" Will Help You:

  • Increase Your Profit
    • Read how to buy brand new inventory at 50%, 70% and 90% off!
  • Guide You to More Consistent Monthly Sales
    • Read how to predict discounts in a month-by-month guide
  • Get Discounts on Top of Discounts
    • Read how "stacking" coupons, reward programs, and clearance sales can make inventory nearly FREE!
  • Identify Profitable Products - Before You Buy Them
    • Don't waste money on duds. See how the Pros scout for inventory.
  • Learn How to Price Items Any Time of the Year
    • Selling Strategies for Out-of-Season Products
  • Cash in on Un-Advertised Clearance Items
    • Resell returned merchandise & discontinued items
  • Spot Profitable Niche Products (Known Only to You)
    • Learn How to Discover Unique Sales Cycles and Trends



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