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Hey Fellow Warrior! Everyone knows the importance of Backlinks and Google and debate on the amount of authority that they hold. We are not going to debate that issue today because we have a drop dead simple system for building backlinks that anyone can do.

RSS Linkwheels are unique because you can essentially build them once and forget them. These are linkwheels that get content updated on a regular basis via RSS feeds. These Linkwheels will also continue to create backlinks to your websites and blogs for years to come, freeing up your time to do more important things.

Some people when they hear linkwheel it sounds complicated to them but we are going to show you a very simple but extremely powerful system.

In fact I am going out on a limb here to say I bet my 11 year old could set up this system and be up and running in no time flat. She might even be able to pet the dog while doing so.

Ok seriously now......... "how does this work"?

There is a secret way to build linkwheels using RSS feeds that not many people know about or are using and you will get to pull back the curtains and look inside to see exactly step by step how to do this.

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