Sean D'Souza - Brain Audit v.3.2

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Have you seen a customer back out of a deal at the very last minute?

(Have you seen your customer ready to sign up, and then mysteriously back away? Don’t you feel like tearing your hair out when customers do that?)

When a sale falls apart, it’s extremely frustrating!

And what’s frustrating is the fact that you don’t know at which point the sale fell apart. What you do know is that your product or service is really good for your customer. And that you’ve done everything to get them interested and ready to buy.

Yet despite being interested in what you’re selling, they shift, fidget—and then inexplicably walk away. And a ‘sure sale’ slips through your fingers forever! So what stops customers from buying? What stops them from moving ahead? What’s really going on in your customer’s brain?


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