Sean D’Souza – Psychotactics – Attversumption

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Most businesses concentrate on attraction. Yet, it's consumption that creates the most profit, both in the short term as well as the long term. Learning how to use technology and psychology to create the trio of attraction, conversion and consumption in repeating cycles is what will get you an unending stream of clients, as well a steadily increasing profit.

The reason why business strategies fail is because of a lack of understanding of the trio called attraction, conversion and consumption.

Consumption is really simple to understand. It's about 'eating' what you've ordered. So if you are 'attracted' to a restaurant, 'conversion' takes place when you order a meal. But 'consumption' doesn't kick in, till you actually eat the meal. And in business, many customers may order a meal, but never eat it (e.g. don't you have books you've bought but never read?)

In order for clients to keep coming back to your 'restaurant', and keep eating the 'meals' on a regular basis, you need to have a powerful strategy in place.

A strategy that guarantees the return of the customer. That will not only get the customer back, but over time, the customer will buy more from you, and buy at higher prices. But how do you create a system that's simple, elegant as well as effective?

The Attversumption MasterClass HomeStudy where you learn exactly what causes customers to buy. But it's not just another blah-blah seminar. It covers intense learning about what causes customers to hesitate. How customers are driven to the want factor. And how you need to engineer sales around a pre-determined sequence of steps you have to take to make sure that customers are eager to buy--even when times are tough.

And this factor of Attversumption invariably teaches you to put words down on paper. To have control over those words. And know where to start. And where to stop. And why your customer is going to buy. And why that customer is keen to buy right now.


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