Self-Defense & Kickboxing Income Funnel

On February 13, 2014, in WSO Products, by jacob

Self-Defense & Kickboxing Income Funnel

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Hello PLR Friends,

Kater here from with another powerful white label product for online entrepreneurs in the fitness & wellnesssector.

Many women struggle with worry that they are going to be the next victim of some brutal attack.

A women who is trained in self-defense can protect herself against violent assault such as rape, physical abuse and be the source of strength during traumatic events.

I know many women are ready to protect their loved ones from any danger.  It’s kind of a built-in mechanism.  But when she’s on her own, alone, it’s a different story.  In fact, walking down a dark corridor in an office building after hours is a down-right creepy experience.  If someone pulls you into an empty room, no one will hear your screams.


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