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On March 29, 2013, in IM Softwares, by Kevin

What is Senuke Inferno? 
In short, the author, Inferno, is a small business owner who has been using Senuke for years now to generate a ton of money from his website. He’s released an exact step by step course, with templates, guides, and specific tools to help your sites skyrocket in Google AND make the basically Panda & Penguin Proof by leaving no footprint.

Google’s constantly changing, and the way you use nuke has to change with it. So when “inferno272″ from the SEnuke forum private messaged me saying he was working on a guide that details exactly how he nukes to get the results he gets, I thought that would definitely be something you guys would be interested in. Now if this “inferno272″ character was just some random guy with a couple of posts I wouldn’t have even looked twice, but he’s a well-respected member who knows his stuff.

He’s been a member since when SEnuke X launched and has over 350 posts. From my talks with him, I know he consistently ranks just about any site he puts up. In fact he made $152k from just one site in 2012!


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