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Revolutionaly And Newly Developed WordPress Plugin Puts Your Site On Warp Speed And Onto Google’s First Page!

This plugin will convert your per-page comment feeds into a feed that actually includes the entire content of your post.

Not only that, it will take this URL and AUTOMATICALLY submit it to up to 13 RSS aggregation sites around the web.

This actually IMPROVES your site’s ability to be indexed, exponentially increases the likelihood of syndication and distribution, and even automates the most tedious task involved.

A time saver, that ALSO multiplies your EFFORTS, as well as your RESULTS. And remember:

Results = Rankings = MORE MONEY

But that’s not all – because of the automated syndication feature, this plugin can become a fully automated backlink-building machine! All you need to do is post and publish.

If your content gets grabbed and picked up, of course it will AUTOMATICALLY contain a link back to your main money-making website! Once again, this plugin allows you to focus on the HUMAN element, and leaves all the mindless busy work to the computer to handle.

Email Search Crawler

On October 19, 2011, in SEO Tools, by Kevin

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Email Search Crawler is a quick and efficient tool that searches the Internet or your computer for E-mail addresses to enable create mass Email lists. It can find both targeted and untargeted emails, from specific countries and Web sites that you specify. It’s easy to use and has the ability to extract emails from a file on your computer, or by getting sites from a search engine, or by spidering a list of URL’s which you give it.

Defeats “email protection” scripts that attempt to hide email addresses from email spiders!

Fully automated email and website harvesting!

Extract emails from a starting web site

Spider web to find e-mail from any specified start website (URL).

Scans up to 10 webpages simultaneously! web connections after 10 seconds and moves on to the next website!

Database integration for easy sorting, exporting, and protecting your data!

Automatically prevents collection of duplicate emails!

Automated searching lets you enter multiple search terms and automatically skip to the next search after a specified number of websites have been scanned!

Displays statistics of all pages scanned, websites found, and emails found!

Stop and Resume scanning with the click of a button, you can even resume after shutting down the program!

Auto-Saves all emails, websites, statistics and settings! Never lose data, even if your computer crashes!

Runs indefinitely with no user interaction.

Low memory use means you can let the spider run while minimized and not interfere with your other applications!

Splash Plugin

On October 19, 2011, in SEO Tools, by Kevin

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Hi, I’m Kevin Lam!

You probably don’t know me, but I’ve been quietly making money online since 2001. By the time I was 19, I had generated over $150,000 from home. I currently run a successful web design and online marketing firm here in Texas, called Rank Above Others.

Why should you care about what I have to say? Because I deal with multi-million dollar companies all the time and I understand what is “big” and what is “small” in terms of innovations and possibilities. My whole entire company is built on that premise of doing big things and standing out.

We are working towards creating as many powerful and money-generating products as we can over the next several months (no, not just for ourselves, but for our clients and customers). I have 10 more on the way. With that said, I’m here to present you with the Splash Plugin.

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