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Basically what this WSO involves is monetizing Facebook in a way that earns you money in the short-term and money in the long term because of the online assets that you are building.

I have experience with marketing on Facebook so I know that the principals in this WSO work, and there is an additional twist to what this WSO it is covering that supercharges what I have already been doing on Facebook.

If you get this, just make sure that you have patience to find the niches that really take off (in my experience it takes a little bit of testing to find the really hot niches). And focus on niches that have a strong potential for monetization (where people are buying things in that niche).

Another benefit of implementing the methods from this WSO is that you will be building online assets that, if you choose to, you can sell on Flippa for lump-sum paydays. (Just make sure that when you are listing your Facebook page that you are also listing it with a website because you can't technically sell a Facebook fan page according to Facebook's rules. So the fan page would have to just come with the website you are selling.)

Anyway, if you want to learn how to make money on Facebook than this WSO is perfect for you.


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