ShredderFX Shatters Forex Trading Paradigm

On November 19, 2011, in Forex, by Kevin

ShredderFX Shatters Forex Trading Paradigm

Value: $2499

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Are you FINALLY ready to make some REAL MONEY, CONSISTENTLY as a Forex trader? Are you ready to reclaim the vision you had when you were first introduced to the Forex? Are you sick of the road (that’s going nowhere) that you’ve been taken down so far? Then it’s time to get out of the old paradigm, step-up to Harmonic Wave Convergence, and transform your currency trading once and for all.

Greetings, my name is Steve (if interested, there’s a link for more about me later at this website), and I am a Forex trader. Let’s get one thing from the “Negative Nelly” gallery out of the way right at the start (because there’s always one that will ask…) … “So Steve, if you are such good trader, why are you selling a strategy on the Internet?” Ever hear of guy named “Donald Trump”. Did you know he is a billionaire? Did you ever see him on late-night television, promoting and selling his real estate investment courses?

I guess he just couldn’t do a business deal so he has to revert to selling courses on infomercials [yes, sarcasm duly noted]. We do it because we can. We do it because it generates passive income while we do our principal business (for me, that means while I am working on trade set-ups or sleeping, or helping traders … I can also be making money).

We also do it to truly help other people. I’ve been a coach all my life … be it in the corporate arena growing executive managers or coaching sports teams. Coaching is in my blood. Enough said. Get a life, please.

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