Simple Offline Facebook Profits

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Simple Offline Facebook Profits

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Are you sick and tired of not being able to land offline clients?

Has repeated rejection from business owners have you frustrated and feeling like giving up?

Does it seem like no matter what you try, you just can’t get any traction?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then you’ll want to keep reading.

But first, you need to know something IMPORTANT:

You are Not Alone

It wasn’t that long ago when I was exactly where you are now.

It seemed like no matter what I tried my results were the same…..failure.

Hundreds of dollars in direct mail campaigns….down the drain

Close to $1K spent on Facebook Ads….0 clients

Hours after hours spent begging for business on Craigslist….nothing to show

Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation?

Eventually I realized what the problem was….

I was Making Things Too Complicated!

It took a while, but after looking back on all of my failures I realized that this was my biggest problem.

For the longest time I believed the road to success as an offline consultant was supposed to be long and difficult.

Whether this thinking was due to misinformation from the so-called “Gurus”, my own ignorance, or a combination of both, I’m not exactly sure.

What I do know is that it wasn’t until I started trying to break things down into simpler processes that I finally started experiencing some success.

Once I made this realization though….then the question was where to begin?

After all there are so many different methods for prospecting as an offline consultant that it can get downright overwhelming!

So as a new offline consultant…Where Should YOU begin to have the best opportunity for success?

The Answer: FACEBOOK

I Don’t Care What You May Have Heard….Facebook is NOT Dead!

I know what you’re probably thinking….Facebook and fan pages were big 2 to 3 years ago!

While it’s true that the popularity of Facebook has taken a bit of a back seat to the mobile revolution….Make no mistake about it:

Facebook is still an absolute GOLDMINE for us offline consultants….IF you know what you’re doing!

You need to consider the following:

Over 1 BILLION people use Facebook every single month

Facebook has over 50 Million pages…

And over 10 million apps…

The bottom line is this: regardless of what Niches you target as an offline consultant…you can bet your bottom dollar that your prospects are on Facebook Right Now!

Here’s Exactly What You Will Discover in Simple Offline Facebook Profits:

1. How to find the PERFECT Prospects Waiting for Your Services in Less than 5 Minutes!

2. My fool-proof method for avoiding tire-kickers so you don’t waste your precious time!

3. The EXACT method to quickly deliver incredible value to interested prospects turning them into your BIGGEST Fans! (You will INSTANTLY stand out from your competitors and look like a true EXPERT!)

4. The word-for-word script I use that lights up my inbox with business owners interested in my services!

5. How to convert warm leads into HUNGRY Buyers without having to pick up the phone!

6. Two specific services to offer than can DOUBLE the amount of payments in your Paypal account!

7. Exactly where to go to outsource high-quality service fulfillment for pennies on the dollar!

8. How to get your business to go VIRAL even if you FAIL to land a client!

And much more…all delivered in a detailed, No-fluff 19 page PDF report

So by now you might be wondering….

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