[SMOKING HOT] Completely UNSATURATED Social Platform Ready To Be Monetized – 100+ Sold!

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Default [SMOKING HOT] Completely UNSATURATED Social Platform Ready To Be Monetized - 100+ Sold!

It is clear during the recent years that SEO is getting harder and harder thus getting a good flow of traffic is becoming more and more troublesome. Organic search traffic is slowly fading away while social traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is being taken advantage of more and more.

It’s a fact – everyone is focusing on the big social network sites which is why they ban accounts like CRAZY! Facebook accounts are being sold for several dollars per account and they get banned within hours! It is clear that these giant social networking sites are no longer as lucrative as they used to be.

Because of this we started thinking outside the box – targeting sites that receive less traffic than the giants (but still many, many thousands every single day).
Doing this has proved to be very lucrative since NOBODY else is targeting them.

This is great for 3 reasons:

- There is next to NO competition on the site

- The anti-spam protection on the site is non-existent (no more banned accounts – no need to phone verify – hell you can even use temporary emails from 10minutemail.com )

- The users on the site are not used to getting messaged from marketers thus you will get CRAZY conversions (especially on iPhone email submits!)

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