Squid Crafter

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Squid Crafter

Sale Page: http://www.forumspecialoffers.com/showthread.php?820-Never-Before-Could-You-Build-Amazon-Squidoo-Lenses-This-Fast-Your-Links-Slick-App-Makes-It-Easy

Product Price: $31 - $37


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What is SquidCrafter?

Sleek app helps Amazon Associates Build Squidoo lenses
Faster than ever before!

It's an app that runs on your desktop, captures Amazon product information, and generates the HTML necessary to display a set of Amazon products in a Squidoo module with your own affiliate links.

Six products with images, affiliate links, product names and HTML formatting for your written content in under 3 minutes

SquidCrafter Features and Benefits

  • GUI (graphical user interface) screen with easy click button operation reduces learning curve
  • Built-in browser window already bookmarked to bring up Amazon's home page for product research so you can get in and start adding products right away
  • One-click buttons to Add/Remove/Clear an Amazon product to or from your code including image link, product name, product description, and affiliate link saves you a ton of time from having to copy and paste that information line by line yourself
  • Templates to display a set of six products or showcase a single product without you having to write a single bit of HTML
  • Change the order of the products around and regenerate the code without having to cut, copy and paste manually
  • Pop up notification keeps track of how many products you've selected so you know when to stop adding
  • Won't let you duplicate products in a single module which saves you from finding out later that you still have one more product to add and must manually replace information for a single product
  • Edit the product descriptions in easy to read product panes rather than digging around in the HTML code to find the part you want to change
  • Built in templates from Squid Pro Quo (Intro Module Template, Small Image Template, and Large Image Template) means everything you need to build a module of content is in one place. Easily make your own custom 'boiler plate' templates for your affiliate disclamer and other content that you repeat across your sites or lenses.
  • Product images are all squared and the same size for a nice, even presentation
  • Product List tab can hold up to 30 products so you can do a complete Squid Pro Quo lens from one product collecting session
  • Ability to create multiple, customized versions of all 3 templates to include your own special formatting and apply with the click of a button - no more hunting around for which folder you stored that last bit of code that you really liked
  • Add up to 100 different Amazon tracking IDs and change from one to another with the click of a button. Use your affiliate API keys to collect those stubborn products. You can even collect product data with just the ASIN number, in-case you like to do your product research in a different tool.
  • Generated HTML code you copy and paste into a Squidoo module - You only have to copy and paste ONCE to get six Amazon products into a Squidoo module!
  • 4 Task oriented tabs that walk you though building your content: Select Products from a browser with one-click add and delete; Product List where you can edit the product names/descriptions; Edit Module with Copy Code button; Module Preview to see how your content will look in the 600px width allotted for a Squidoo module
  • Customizable GUI interface – move the task tabs to the top, bottom, left or right, change the GUI screen color to your personal preference, increase the size of the tabs and change the orientation of the add product tool bar all to make the app easier for you to use
  • Use this on your existing lenses, too! Quickly update modules with bad Amazon links by generating a new module with products and replace the old content without having to copy and paste all the individual product information
  • Help pages behind the blue help icons on each tab and the affiliate info section. Plus over all application Help and Frequently Ask Questions pages on the Help menu button.
  • If you accidentally deleted something you needed, just click the Fill Template button again to regenerate the clean code instead of having to start from scratch or dig around in the code to find the error
  • Pre-programmed bookmarks for Google and Google Images for fast access to additional product search tools. Add favorites and set current page as home page functionality
  • Side benefit - this code works in your own sites, too. If your blog width is less than 600px, you might have to create a duplicate template with different settings but you can format a set of products in your posts in minutes.
  • Do you build lenses for others? You NEED this! Build lenses more quickly and improve your production rate and delivery times to your customers.

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