Steem Cash

On August 12, 2016, in E-books & Course, by jacob

Steem Cash

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As “social blogging” (writing stories about anything and everything and posting them online) becomes more and more popular all over the world (you’ve posted on social media or read stuff online, right?), the reason to post on other social media sites can be challenged by a business model that pays the users to post content rather than use them as a “Cash Cow” they milk for every dollar.

Why would anyone want to post on a social media or blogging platform that didn’t pay them to contribute, or worse yet...sold their personal information to the highest bidder all day every day (happens all of the time).

It just makes sense that a better social network be introduced that is used just about everywhere around the world. Just think about how much easier this would be to make cash from the posts you normally do on every day “regular” social media.

Well, the good news is this second income opportunity called “Steem Cash” is here and is THE answer!



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