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WSO of The Day on 11/23/2011!
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Dear Fellow Warrior,

This is Peter Garety, and today I want to talk to you about the real challenge that BLOCKS you from getting your websites ranked in TOP spots on Google.

And NO, it is not about some magic trick, secret loophole or push-button software.

It is about contradictory information on what works and what doesn’t.

It is about lack of a strategic, step-by-step link-building plan.

It is about evergreen backlinks that will last in 2012 and beyond.

“Sales Pitches In Your Inbox Force You To Use Old SEO Formula”

Considering the amount of contradictory information that you are receiving on a daily basis, it is a real challenge to get your site ranked in the TOP spot of Google.

You see, it was relatively easy to rank websites on Google in 2009 and most of the 2010.

All you had to do was to get an exact match domain (preferably with page rank and .org extension), publish a few articles on your site, put Article Marketing Robot or SEnuke in gear, and you're done.

Your website was on the first page of Google.

And if it still wasn’t there, then you just needed to build more spam backlinks from blogs, forums and .edu or .gov sites.

Back in 2010, I even tested and tweaked this old SEO formula and created the wildly popular Blogging Mechanics system for my subscribers that showed how to get top rankings in no time.

“But This Strategy Does Not Work Anymore”

The problem is that your inbox still gets overloaded with old SEO formula offers on a daily basis.

Everybody promises something different.

Some people say this .edu backlinking package is the ultimate solution to get to the TOP on Google.

Others offer new plugins, software and submission tools that will get you sticky rankings in no time.

So, you end up buying one product after another and nothing works.

“An Organized Plan With Evergreen Backlinks”

The main reason why old SEO formulas are not working anymore is because Google wants certain information on a specific time.

If you fail to present the required information the way Google wants it, you are basically sabotaging your ranking potential.

The old, blasting-style backlink building is not the way to rank websites in the post-panda environment.

It will just make you more frustrated as Google will ignore most of your backlinks and almost 90 percent of them will never get indexed.

Even if you get those backlinks indexed with some powerful RSS syndication, they will all be gone within 30-45 days.

And you will need to start everything again. That is why link-building never stops.

To deal with this and to stop the frustrating link-building process, you need to have a strategic plan on how to organize and create evergreen backlinks that stick.

Therefore, I have put together an easy-to-follow link-building system that will ensure you get top rankings in Google for multiple keywords at the same time.

So, let me introduce you to…

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