[CRAZY DEAL] The Secret WP Plugin That Made Me POOP My Pants!

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  • Choose to show your LPs sitewide or on per post or page basis

This is neat because you do not have to use it on your whole site. You can choose to either show a lander on specific post or on a specific page.

  • Show affiliate pages instead of your pages

Another neat feature here. Show them any page you want to get traffic for Amazon, Clickbank, CPA offers.

  • Show aff pages based on visitors country

This is a MUST as if you promote via CPA and your offer is only for USA and your traffic is world wide this allows you to only show the lander to USA visitors. Then for other countries you can pick other Landers. Like say for instance USA you want to do CPA. India you want to do Clickbank and China you want to do amazon and the rest of the world you just want to show your real blog to. NOW you can.

  • Show different pages in rotation

Another MUST HAVE feature. Great for split testing to find that perfect converting offer for your traffic!

  • Show aff pages based on referrers

You can now show for example a different website to users who come from Bing then ones who come from Google.

  • Close Button On or Off feature

With the close button on you are running a complete whitehat pop over ad. Nothing wrong with it and no funny business.

  • Display Mode - Choose the size of the LP to show to visitors

You can choose to show them a full size landing page Automatic or set the size yourself *manual*.

  • Blacklist IPs

You can blacklist IP's like Google manual review team and Google bots to name a few.

  • Blacklist referrers

Getting huge traffic from a gaming site or Movie site and do not want to lose that traffic source just black list that referrers and problem is solved.

  • Chose to show the LP as Iframe or Div

Just a bonus feature on how you would like to display your LP. Since some sites do not work well iframed Div works with them.

  • Disable Scroll bars

If checked, Superfly will hide scrollbars when the content is larger than the size of the overlay. I call this Super Stealth mode!

  • Much much much more

More features are going to be added though honestly this plugin is perfect the way it is.