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All you need is proper guidance and tap into the potent areas of Facebook that you can tap into to create decent profits.

Forget how much successful marketers and GURUs make every month. Let me tell you why Facebook works and how it helped me.

Facebook has over 800 million active users today out of which 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day. If you even tap 0.01% of this, you can still fetch a whopping 80,000 as your traffic!

In 2012 Facebook wiil reach the billionth user. Can you imagine that? 1,000,000,000 users. 1 out of 7 persons on earth will be on Facebook.

Don’t worry about the “What”, “When”, and “How” as I will guide you through each step.

But here is a word of Warning – This will require hard work. This will require patience. This will require time. But the best part is that this will work and you will earn profits!

...and as soon as you tap into this huge opportunity, you'll see how EASY making money can be, with enough people, sales just HAPPEN on their own, WITHOUT the stress, trying to be a salesman or wasting any time!

Which means you really can LIVE that lifestyle without worries... the one they sold you on all those months and years ago.

All you need is a guide. A guide which avoids the same mistakes that everybody else is making. A guide that will give you an ENDLESS SUPPLY of quality traffic.

In short...THIS WORKS! In fact, I am so confident in this quick, step-by-step guide which Anyone can follow...

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Product Price: $7


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Dear Warriors,

Wanna know what’s the absolute fastest and easiest way to succeed online? It’s through COPYING something that’s proven to work!

Common sense, isn’t it?

The reason many people struggle in their online business is because they try to figure things out themselves!

Bad move.

These people end up wasting a whole bunch of time and money with little to no results to show for!


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[FB] FACEBOOK SLIDEIN PluginWhat is the WP FB Plugin?

  • A lightweight unblockable "SlideIn Box" that kicks some serious ass.

What Does WP FB Plugin Do?

  • Allows you cross-promote any Facebook page you specify. Simple.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • A low one-time WSO investment. No recurring fees.

Can I Promote My FB Fan Pages, Walls, Photos?

  • Yep -- you can promote ANYTHING that has a FB URL!

Can I Turn the Plugin On and Off, and Set Delays?

  • Yes you can. Specify how often you want it to appear, delay (in seconds).

How Do I (or My Clients) Benefit From Using It?

  • Send targeted, qualified traffic to your FB pages... 100% FREE!
  • Leverage every site visitor by showing them your FB!
  • Increase your FB Traffic… to your Pages, Posts, Contest Pages, Photos, Fan Pages… more!

Can I Use It If I Want to Do Offline?

  • Cool idea. And yeah, I suppose you could! J

How Long Does It Take to Install?

  • After you download, 23 seconds. J But who’s counting... lol

Upon ordering, you will receive a ZIP file with installation instructions. Please unzip the file, follow the instructions and install the plugin.

All updates for this plugin are FREE for customers for life, including future releases.