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Dear Warriors,

My name is Brian Cole, and it is my honor to present each and everyone of you the exact blueprint I used last fall to go from my minimum wage job at McDonald’s to full time in my business in less than 100 days at the age of 21 using 1 very powerful strategy.

It’s no secret that Facebook PPC is probably the largest cash cow we’ve seen online since the Google slap. The problem with most marketers who attempt Facebook PPC either A) Can’t get them approved, or (B) Don’t have the money. I am here to solve each of those problems for you. Take a look at some of the statistics I’ve been able to achieve with Facebook PPC:

Yes, that last shot was correct. I generated 377 leads and 552 in a period of 36 hours. Ok, that’s great, now where’s the conversions? See this Leaderboard of the affiliate program I am promoting: