[Kindle Profits] 100+ Sold! How To Come Up With Killer Fiction Novel Plots (Romance or Other)

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This product makes it easy for a novelist to focus on the creative side of writing. The plots are already there. I don't have to think about story structure, and barely need to fill in the characters.

I won't say this is a by-the-numbers product, because it's not. That would be an insult to you as a writer, and to your readers as well.

Instead, it's a great way to shake off "writer's block" and keep working on your book until it's completed.

If you're a writer and you've already tackled a full-length (40k+ words) novel, your eyes will light up when you see what's in this WSO. All the hard work has been done to build a powerful story, whether you're happier working with a character-driven story or a plot-driven story.

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