Newly released Stepping Stone Manuscript – Make $1,000/month in 20 minutes per day

Value: $11

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The Stepping Stone Manuscript

This is an e-book that I personally wrote and it has never been available before.

This is a method that is probably not that unusual, but we have some twists in the approach that will make it unique to most people.

The audience for this e-book is beginners and intermediate marketers who are struggling to build their business and need some extra cash while they work on other projects. If you are an experience marketer, then this probably isn’t for you.

If you need a little extra help in this crazy online world, then this simple process is exactly what you need.

What this e-book is not:
No Adwords
You don’t need a website
No Media Buying
No Domain Flipping
No Adsense
No Backlinking
No Article Writing