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TubeSpy Review – Overview

When you first open TubeSpy it looks very generic with basic buttons and no fancy graphics.  The developers built it like this so that it’ll run super fast.  Besides, you want the information it can get for you rather then some fancy background.  Time is money here!

tubespy 300x177 TubeSpy Review

There are 3 main buttons across the top.  In this TubeSpy Review we’ll focus on the YouTube Analyzer button since this is the meat and potatoes of TubeSpy.

YouTube Analyzer

tubespy1 300x115 TubeSpy Review

This button will allow you to enter a keyword or key phrase that you want to search YouTube for.  It will pull data for the top 10 to even the top 1,000 results for that keyword or phrase.  Once it pulls that information it’ll show all sorts of information on those keywords.  See the below screenshot for searching for the keyword “tubespy review”:

1 TubeSpy Review


As you can see you can obtain the following from these searches:

  • Title – title of actual video
  • URL – actual YouTube url to video
  • PageRank – yes, even YouTube videos have PR
  • Rating – This is the rating on YouTube for this video
  • Likes – The YouTube likes for this video
  • Dislikes – The YouTube dislikes for this video
  • Description – YouTube description for this video
  • Description Link – This is a key field…it lets you know if someone put in a website link in the description
  • Views – the number of views this video has received
  • Comments – number of comments
  • Favorites – How many YouTube members have “favorite” this video
  • Published – When this video was actually published
  • Tags – Tags that the video creator used for this video
  • Category – Video category
  • User – this is the actual user who uploaded the video.  If you click on the username it automatically pulls up the contact user form on YouTube so you can send the user a direct message (important if you want to put a link in the description and/or purchase the video from the user)
  • Contacted – this is just a checkbox you can click for each user whom you contacted so you don’t send the same user duplicate messages