MOJO – WP Mobile Detector – WordPress Plugin

On November 16, 2011, in Wordpress, by Kevin

The WP Mobile Detector allows you to display a mobile theme on WordPress sites to mobile devices in minutes. Simply install the WordPress plugin and activate it. WP Mobile Detector is a WordPress plugin that detects mobile devices and displays a mobile optimized theme specifically for each mobile device.

It works by detecting a mobile device and displaying the active mobile theme to the mobile device instead of the active desktop theme. For desktop users, the plugin does not change anything. Think of it as being dormant until a mobile device visits! The WP Mobile Detector comes with an interactive theme editor that allows you to make changes to your theme and see them in real-time. Upload a logo and see it placed on your mobile theme instantly. Change the colors and see them change in real-time.



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WP Auctions – Premium Plugin for Auctions

On November 16, 2011, in Wordpress, by Kevin

WP Auctions is a plugin that lets anyone with a WordPress powered blog or site host their own auctions.




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You can use it to sell anyting you like to your readers in an auction format. Some of the most popular features of this plugin include -

* Create, Manage and Edit unlimited auctions on your website/blog

* Choose from nine currency options accepted by PayPal, or set your own

* Re-list closed auctions anytime, or delete them completely

* Get notifications via email of new bids placed

* Set custom bid increments for your auctions (eg. $10)

* Hold auctions for registered users only

* Use a custom contact field instead of bidder URL (eg. Phone Number)

* Enter Shipping Price, Shipping To and Shipping From details

* Sell items on a Buy it Now basis only or as an option

and much much more…

* Best of all, you don’t need to pay listing fees, final sales fees, gallery fees, “bold headline” fees.

* In fact there are no fees to be paid to anyone, except for PayPal’s fees of course.

Once your auction is over the winner will receive an email notification with the payment details you entered. You can then ship out your item and enjoy your profits.

Use the handy Buy It Now feature for simple e-commerce transactions as well.


Upload the plugin via the WordPress plugin upload area or transfer it to your server via FTP to the wp-content/plugins/ folder.