The 'Midas Touch'€™ Library by Dan Kennedy

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The "MIDAS TOUCH MARKETING" series consists of 4 Audio CD's summarizing the information originally featured in Dan Kennedy's full-day seminars on successful marketing strategies for any business. Entrepreneur Magazine said that Dan "has at least 101 moneymaking strategies for any business."

 Here's what you'll discover on the MIDAS TOUCH Marketing CD's:

  • Little Known Psychological Secrets Of Stimulating Maximum Referrals & Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
  • How One Simple Piece Of Paper And Just 60 Seconds Of Conversation Can Double Your Customer Base In 30 Days Or Less
  • Combine Target Marketing And Testimonial Marketing To Spark Super-High Response And Pre-empt Price/Fee Resistance
  • Three Simple Steps To Direct Mail Success
  • Two Main Criteria For Choosing Productive Mailing Lists
  • THE Secret Factor That Controls Response To Sales Letters
  • Six Ways To Enhance Your Offer, Make It A Most Powerful MAGNET
  • Fourteen Quick & Easy Rules For Maximizing Impact Advertising
  • THE One Mistake NEVER To Make When Offering Discounts
  • Increase Frequency of Purchasing Of Customers
  • How To Prevent Sales Slumps
  • Why "Turnover" Is Not Negative
  • THE Fastest Way To Get Big Increases from Any Sales Organization
  • How To Combine "Marketing" With A Live Sales Force
  • The Two Kinds Of "Bias" That Guarantee Maximum Growth And Profits For Any Business

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