The Holy Grail of Google+ (PLR Available, too!)

Value: $9.99


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Hey Marketing Warriors,

Ed Akehurst and Martha Mayo are at it again………!

Along with our friend, Christine Roux, and her tech-savvy team who have been quietly using Google+ in ways that very few people have ever thought of.

She’s been listening to the mutterings of the populous snarling, “Oh, Google+? That’s not a ‘real’ platform. It’ll never have the power to do what I need it to do. I’m an Internet Marketer!”

God: Every time I try to talk to someone it’s “sorry this” and “forgive me that” and “I’m not worthy”… – from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail

These same people are struggling, trying to eek out some pennies here, some dollars there using various methods they’ve learned hither and yonder. They spend their precious moments going to dozens of different places to accomplish a long list of daily tasks when…..If they only could catch hold of the magical powers tucked away in the awesome goblet of

“The Holy Grail of Google+”

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