The Secret Asset | Making Millions with Investment-Grade Life Insurance

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  • If you have children or grandchildren — Use your tax-free annual gift exclusion up to $13,000 per spouse per year to fund a TAX-FREE  retirement income up to $1,400,000 annually per child for 15 years…that’s up to $21,000,000 TAX-FREE!
  • Lock in joint-life policies (second-to-die) with just 1 premium payment year 1 and NO PREMIUMS for up to 20 years. 100% premium money back bail-out year 15 — This is 100% net-zero-cost premium money!
  • Do you own mutual funds? Do you pay taxes? Why? Take advantage of the IRS code section 7702 that gives TAX-DEFERRED Investing and TAX-FREE Withdrawal benefits to the life insurance industry. My brother Michael put away $50,000 per year for 20 years and withdrew an estimated $432,000 annually tax free for 15 years. That’s $6.4 Million!
  • Did you know that the IRS could end up with up to 70% of your hard earned pension money. Rescue Your Pension Money – FAST: Learn how one client can turn taxable pension money into a $15.8 million legacy.

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