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I released a software last year, called Press Pipes. It was my baby. I loved it and so did many others. It was based around one website called Pixelpipe, that let you post to many other authority sites. Well, they decided to shut out people from accessing their features remotely. Now, this made me sad, not glad, but I fought through and provided my customers and myself a method and another plugin. I even suggested other products out there. I think I did the right thing by everyone in doing that, but it still wasn’t the same as my precious baby before. So, I have been building ever since something that will take the place of that loved one. As, I started into it with my coders we decided we should push it to do more and more. Okay, this has extended the timeframe out a little, but what we now have we are very happy with and are proud of our new baby.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome…Link Automatic

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