This is the only thing that affects EVERYONE! The Weather Man Methods. It’s Raining AGAIN!

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What You Will Learn:

-How To Sell Local Advertising Space On Your Site, Profit From Adsense, And Sell affiliate Products AT THE SAME TIME! The Trifecta…

-The best way to find those easy keywords to go after and how to research it to see if you can compete. I am providing you 50 great keywords in the package but you will need to know how to do it!

-Step-by-step instructions on how to create your website and make it “super-optimized” for the search engines.

-The best way to set up your website for user engagement. This just keeps your visitor coming back nearly everyday. (what other site can you set up where visitors come back every day?)

-The absolute must have wordpress plugins and gadgets to have on your site.

-I’ll show you the absolute best theme in the world for advertisers.

-How to snatch those Google rankings and stay there (backlinks)!

-The best way to monetize these sites are with both adsense and Local Business Advertising. This is a heck of a whole lot easier than setting up websites, doing seo, and all that other jazz for clients. It’s super targeted and easy to sell!

-How to contact local business owners to sell your stuff and exactly what to saywhen they call you! (unique twist to an old method.)

-Inside I will show you which businesses are worth contacting to advertise on your site and which one’s aren’t. (This is actually very crucial to the whole system)

-How to rinse and repeat this over and over again. Set up your sites easier and faster than the first time so you can set these sites up all over the COUNTRY!


How You Will Learn It:

I have a members area all set up and ready to go. When you log in you will see a ton of videos and all your downloadable content neatly organized inside.

Everything is hosted on my side…but if you need to download the videos for any reason after you Get it, just email me and I will send everything to you all nice and pretty like.

The course is laid out in order. All you have to do is follow along and you will be on your way to meteorologist status but for marketers (I don’t even think that made sense but i’ll leave it in there anyway lol!)…

What You Will Get:

More importantly than just the contents inside the members are – you are going to get all the information you need to dominate the local weather niche. I’m not leaving out a thing. Once you go through this course you will have all the knowledge and tools to set up a serious money making empire.

Keep in mind that:

I Am Giving You 50 Already Researched, Already Approved By Me Keywords To Get You Started!

The Benefits Of Learning This Stuff:

I think it’s already pretty clear but allow me to explain…

I am giving you the opportunity to step away from all the same old, same old methods that you see in your inbox and everywhere else. This is fresh, hot, and a proven money-maker!

The niche that that I discuss in the course is as old as time. It’s been around before any of us ever were…. and will continue to be around until we are all gone. How’s that for anEVERGREEN NICHE!

Plus, this is one of the easier methods for offline marketers to combine their online/offline efforts. You’ll get the almost guarantee income from adsense and all the nice chunks of money coming in from local businesses advertising on your site.

To sum it up… It’s really a great method. It never takes too long to set it up and it’s easy enough to outsource most of it. Once set up and depending on whether or not you want to sell local ad space, can run on complete auto-pilot.

It’s a really nice income stream for those who tap into this niche!

I love it. It’s great and I’m asking you to give it a try.


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