Track All Your Sites And Offline Client's Sites Google Ranking From WordPress

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Who is this plugin for?

Absolutely anyone who is doing SEO at any level

Can I directly buy the developer license?
Unfortunately no. You can upgrade your license to developer after initial purchase of the standard multi-site version for $9.97. The reason why we kept it this way is so that no one gets confused. In our past WSO's, people have purchased one license (thinking that was the only option) and then wanted to buy the other license and then we had to go through the hassle of refunding the first purchase, so that he can buy the second one. This will not happen if the developer upgrade is kept after the initial purchase. Hope this is not too much of an inconvenience.

Will the plugin work with local Google like
The plugin is expected to work with all local Google sites BUT we have not tested with all of them. So, if you find that it does not work with your local Google, please bring it to our attention at and we will try to integrate it in the plugin

Why should I buy this plugin rather than using third-party services like WebCEO, Rank Tracker or sescout?
First of all, it is one time payment, not a membership site, so you don't have to pay month after month. Secondly, it's a lot cheaper than those services. And thirdly, its totally under your control. You are not relying on third-party for your business

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