Ultimate Niche Finder Crack

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Ultimate Niche Finder Crack

Sale Page: http://ultimatenichefinder.org/

Product Price: $49.25


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What This Ultimate Niche Finder Can Do For You…
  • Generate 10.000 Longtail Keywords - Generate unlimited number of keywords from a single seed keyword. Just click one button, leave, and come back to a list of 10.000 of micro niche keywords.
  • Bulk Analyze Keywords for Rankability - Accurate but fast SEO Competition analyzer suggests how many backlinks you should build to rank on Google. Analyze the Top 3 websites, not Top 10 so you will get traffic when you rank.
  • Easy to Understand SEO Scores - Using Color-coded Difficulty scores: Green means easy, Orange means moderately difficult, and Red means hard.
  • Look for EMD’s, 1000 Keywords at a Time - Multi-threaded Exact Match Domain Finder that checks a minimum of 4,000 available domains in a single request. Shows TLD’s – com/net/org and .info.
  • Filtering and Sorting - Don’t Just Expand and Scrape, Expand -> Filter -> Delete then Expand again. Get more mileage. Add negative or positive keywords that you want to include/exclude.
  • Select Match-Type - Select between Exact/Phrase/Broad match.
  • Sniper Scope Precision Targeting - Check the “Show only related keywords” option in Settings to go narrower when expanding for long-tail keywords.
  • International and Localize Support - Works with international keywords that utilize accented characters from German, French, Spanish, Portugese etc. Works with almost every countries in the world.
  • Commercial Intent - Shows the Online Commercial Intent (OCI) of each keyword. High value means people looking to buy, low value = info keywords.
  • Everything Else - Export to CSV, New Project, Save Project, Save As Project feature so you can open the data in MS Excel or other tools.
  • Excellent Support and Regular Updates - Respond to every email in less than 6 hours. And Fixed the last Google problem in less than an hour, faster than Market Samurai or any other tools out there!

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