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Tell A Friend Software

Dear Friend,

You must be asking yourself why would I ‘we be giving away one of the best selling products without charge. An everyday selling product.

-    You know as well that there is no equivalent to word of mouth advertising which still carries the most added power in marketing. Now where else could you possibly find a more perfect product to deliver something tangible, (of an asset) other than Viral Friend Generator? Sorry to say… but I’m not aware of any personally!
-    Besides. This business is not about what you can get … It’s what you can give!
-    I simply want to start a relationship with you. Offering this high quality product Viral Friend Generator (VFG). I don’t know which best way to do this. Other than to actually utilize it’s power of Viral Friend Generator itself to give you these amenities:
-    It’s obvious… Isn’t it. That I have decided to do things quite a bit differently from what most internet marketers out there are preaching.
-    That is because I want to give you the freedom of choice to choose and not just one way.
-    You can use the Viral Friend Generator software on thousands of sites with a one time installation.
-    You are amongst the fist to have the same opportunity to do so yourself to pool away with all 12 cylinders


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