VIRAL TRAFFIC CASE STUDY: Get Crazy Traffic From OTHER’S FB Pages (Incredible Screenshots Inside)

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This was the easiest traffic I’ve ever generated.

I simply wrote a blog post with a unique twist that took about 90 minutes to research and write (and I wasn’t really concentrating!), published it to my blog and then emailed (with the exact same copy and paste email) seven bloggers who had a large social presence.

I asked them to share my new post with their Facebook fans and Twitter and Pinterest followers.

As you probably know, you can’t just approach someone you don’t know and expect them to share your content. They’ll just ignore you.

But there was something “special” that I included in my blog post that made it almost impossible for these bloggers not to share. In fact, this “special something” made them incredibly grateful and they wanted to do everything they could to promote my post.

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