VIRGIN [417 Sold in 48 Hrs] – Offline Video Virgin -Easiest Offline Method for FAST Cash GUARANTEED!

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There are many different ways to make money in the offline world, but most have 2 BIG flaws –

1. We’re MARKETERS, Not Sales People

Most of us here on the Warrior Forum are Internet marketers, NOT sales people. Selling a $1500 SEO package isn’t easy or fun for us because we’re not smooth talking sales people, we’re marketers (and proud of it, too!)

Let’s face it: We hate spending hours and days and even weeks chasing down a business owner just to be told NO.

2. They Don’t TRUST You

Second, that business owner sitting across the desk from you doesn’t trust you yet. Why should she?

She doesn’t know you, she doesn’t know if you can do what you say, and she’s suspicious of the whole ‘marketing online thing.’

Even if you grow a silver tongue and talk her into that big SEO package, your troubles have just begun.

She’s going to be calling you with questions, demands, changes, etc. until she finally learns to trust you – and that won’t be until her website hits #1 on Google and stays there for a long time. (And heaven help you if her site slips to #2 or #3!)

Personally, I don’t want to sell websites and SEO and all of that to strangers. I’m just not a sales person.

The Brain-Dead Easy Method


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