Vrinda Normand - List Building Summit 3.0

Sale Page: http://listbuildingsummit.com/

Product Price: $497


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Can I make things really easy for you?

If you’re like me, you’re busy – and you may not be able to set aside 4 full days to catch all the live interviews.

But you really want to get your hands on the valuable content from every single one of our list building interviews.

Our experts are revealing unique secrets and each call gives you an essential piece of the list building system. Missing any of them could impact your marketing results, and I want you to have the BEST training to prepare you for success.

So I created a super convenient option for you to get even more value from this 1-time, exclusive event.
The Silver Pass gives you the recordings, transcripts & summaries of every interview so you don’t miss a thing…


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