[WARNING - GOOGLE BOMB] – 86xPR7, 264xPR6, 1086xPR5 Actual Page Backlinks To Explode Your Website


Value: $35


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Originally Posted by matflawless View Post
As first I want to thank Mike for giving me the opportunity to review the list.

I did a check in some “random order” approx 20-30 URLs and must say most of them checked had a low OBL, for most the maximun were 10/20 or less (some had no more than 4 OBL).

Probably there are also some URL with much more OBL, I don’t know exactly since I didn’t fully checked 1000 pages yet

…but considering the High PR list this shouldn’t be a problem.. (unless they have thousands of spammish comments).

Also, I found many pages that require registration to post a comment.. this may help a bit..

As stated, there are many and many pages where you can get a backlinks from, personally I think the list is very good, you have a good choise where to place your link and a PR7 is a PR7!

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