Warrior Discount Special – New WordPress Plugin TRIPLES Adsense Earnings On Autopilot

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Ok, let me put my review here. I bought the developer cause you can sell sites on Flippa with it and this is what matters to me for Adsense sites: the possibility to sell them, too.

I installed the plugin in a premium theme (by elegantthemes, which is easy to give conflicts with new plugins) and the only problem was that the search bar was not replaced in the header (as Mike, the author, correctly informs you that this can happen indeed), while it worked smoothly on post and pages. So, I just followed Mike's instructions for the header.php modification ( a simple cut and replace) and the plugin worked fine.

I tried it again on a Adsense premium theme: same "problem" with the header and ok with posts and pages. This time, modifying the header did not work out, but never mind, in the end is also ok for me to leave the original theme do its job in finding results within my site and then this plugin offer again a search.: an elegant, non aggressive solution perfectly ok with a normal web user behavior (I am not forcing anybody to do anything in reply to some comments).

Overall, this plugin is a classical case where I can't help asking myself why I didn't think about it before...It's a simple solution, its value is clear and, yes, you could manually insert an Adsense search on each post and page but when I buy a plugin I do so because I want to cut time.

In short, Yes, I recommend it to all Adsense users, and no, I am not afraid of using it because it doesn't violate any of the Google rules at all.

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