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Introducing the Web Traffic Genius RSS Software (earlier versions were called the RSS Power Plus Pro Software)

Very few online marketers use RSS as well as they could. If they do use RSS, it's not to dominate the search engines and to generate rapid targeted web traffic. They use it only to monitor news and events and some use it to provide some content on their websites.

Nothing wrong with doing that (we do that as well), but they are missing the most powerful advantage of RSS.

They are completely missing out on the fact that RSS can be used to help dominate the search engines by rapidly building quality backlinks, rapidly building page rank and quickly start driving massive targeted web traffic to your web pages. The increase in targeted web traffic means your online profits should increase.

RSS, stands for really simple syndication and is an extremely powerful tool that you can use for your online business to quickly and easily get the "edge" over most of your web competitors.

We all want the edge over our competitors right?

You'll find that 99.99% of your competitors don't use RSS in the smartest way, like the "Web Traffic Genius RSS software" does, to gain the massive web traffic leverage that it offers.

Don't be fooled by most of the other RSS software programs out there though.

They do not use the same clever technology we have built into this software that ensures it rapidly brings targeted web traffic. Clever technology that we have designed, tested in hundreds of niches and refined for over 15 months.

The Web Traffic Genius Software will

  • Quickly start generating targeted web traffic with every blog post or new page uploaded to any of your websites.
  • Rapidly build increased buying customers as a result of the automatic traffic generation.
  • Allows you to use the amazing power of RSS on 'multiple' websites or blogs.
  • Build increased profits and stability in your business by not needing to rely on PPC advertising!
  • Save you hundreds of hours of manual building of backlinks.
  • Help rapidly build page rank!
  • Includes premium free upgrades to this powerful software.
  • Will allow you to easy install and set up the Web Traffic Genius software by following our detailed videos.
  • Uses multiple profiles to minimize footprints.
  • Works on your blogs and your other websites as well.
  • Works for both PCs and Macs because software is installed on your server.
  • We offer a full installation service if required (details available immediately after purchase)

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