WHAT IF ScrapeBox Converted into WordPress Plugin?[100k Backlink in 5 CLICK]

Value: $77.01

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“Now you don’t need to sit in front of your computer to monitor backlink process. Just adjust the settings, click a few times and BAM… WPSBOX is your personal SLAVE working to get you backlinks while you relax at the beach and sip on a martini…. nothing else that you have to do…


Hey there,

This is Carson Rathi and after the success of my WPplusone plugin (and few other ‘member’s only’ stuff) here I am with WPsBOX plugin.

It’s been an open secret that to dominate search engine (specially Google) the blog/website need to have as Sh**-Tons of backlinks with high PageRank.

The better page rank your ‘referring’ page have the better search engine spot your site will get

Of course, higher ranking means ‘increasing’ bank balance (without investment)

Getting backlinks is always a painful process. You either need to pay for so called backlink services (sometimes providing wordthless links for spammy blogs)

or you need to get some expensive software which you need to monitor to make sure it is working (loss of time is loss on money)…. and then they call it AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS…lol

I wanted to develop a system which could :


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