The Ultimate Automatic Authority Backlinks WordPress Plugin – Google #1 in 2 hours!

Value: $9.9

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My name is Cossack (not real name). I have to hide my real name because the Gurus will be so mad that I am going to reveal this information (pfffft….whatever). Look, I really suck at writing so I’m not going to hype everything up. Okay the red title was a bit of hype, I was told by the iIluminati I had to put it there.

?Ultimate Automatic Authority…

My Baby
Using the Power of WordPress and a service called Pixelpipe we have developed a powerful plugin that is going to give awesome backlinks to where ever you want.

We are not talking about some little known PR2 Article directories and having to dream/come up with a 500-800 word article. We are talking about placing your links on High Authority Websites with just a simple post!

And get this, no captcha solving needed! This is great cause it will save you lotsa time and money.

WHAT IF ScrapeBox Converted into WordPress Plugin?[100k Backlink in 5 CLICK]

Value: $77.01

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“Now you don’t need to sit in front of your computer to monitor backlink process. Just adjust the settings, click a few times and BAM… WPSBOX is your personal SLAVE working to get you backlinks while you relax at the beach and sip on a martini…. nothing else that you have to do…


Hey there,

This is Carson Rathi and after the success of my WPplusone plugin (and few other ‘member’s only’ stuff) here I am with WPsBOX plugin.

It’s been an open secret that to dominate search engine (specially Google) the blog/website need to have as Sh**-Tons of backlinks with high PageRank.

The better page rank your ‘referring’ page have the better search engine spot your site will get

Of course, higher ranking means ‘increasing’ bank balance (without investment)

Getting backlinks is always a painful process. You either need to pay for so called backlink services (sometimes providing wordthless links for spammy blogs)

or you need to get some expensive software which you need to monitor to make sure it is working (loss of time is loss on money)…. and then they call it AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS…lol

I wanted to develop a system which could :


[Captivator] WordPress Theme – Create UNLIMITED $500+/Mo Lead Capture Sites In FIVE MINUTES FLAT!

Value: $27

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Hi Warriors,

Brenden Clerget here with my new WSO, and this is going to change lead capture sites forever, especially for all you offliners!

You all probably already know how incredibly profitable selling leads to local businesses can be, however, sometimes it’s very difficult to get beautifully designed lead capture pages made for a reasonable price.

What if you could whip up a lead
capture site in under FIVE MINUTES,
with no previous experience?

What if you had multiple offline lead capture sites, sending leads straight to your clients, making you money, with no maintenance? Each site, generating upwards of $500/mo, all because of a theme that made it all too simple to build them?

WP Robot 3.5 Nulled full working Version

On October 21, 2011, in SEO Tools, Wordpress, by Kevin

WP Robot 3.5 Nulled full working Version

Value: $169

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With WP Robot you can create targeted blog posts on any topic without writing anything!

WP Robot is a powerful and easy to use autoblog plugin for WordPress weblogs allowing you to turn your blog on complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in intervals you specify. And the best part: The posts created will be targeted to any keyword you enter and any topic you could ever think of!

WP Robot can post content from many different sources, including Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube and eBay!

Currently WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, Youtube videos, targeted articles, Flickr images and Clickbank ads to your weblog automatically and of course you have full control over which kind of posts will be created! There is no autoblogging software that can create autoblogs with more diverse content out there!

100% Free Content – Developer License

Value: $17

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Originally Posted by DavidDeanWillis

Hi Simon!!

I was fortunate to catch this WSO early. I purchased the Developer License version of KontentBot a few hours ago. I was able to download KontentBot with no problems.

After downloading KontentBot, I successfully installed the plugin on one of my WordPress 3.2.1 installations on GoDaddy Windows Deluxe Hosting.

The plugin installed quickly and is running without any issues.

I have now used KontentBot to generate content for many different keyword combinations.

The speed at which the content is created by KontentBot is amazingly fast. I am very pleased with KontentBot and look forward to the amount of time I will save creating unique content for my websites and those of my clients.

Thanks, Simon, for developing such an awesome WordPress Plugin and for making the Developer License available for such a nice low price!!

I am now a very happy buyer of 4 of your products: KontentBot, LinxBot, BlogzBot, and Total Warrior Takeover!!

[Offline U.S Only] WordPress SMS Plugin – AFFORDABLE, EASY, SMS marketing YOU CONTROL

Value: $27

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If you’re new to text message marketing, something that’s important to understand is the difference between a shortcode and a longcode. A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit number that the subscriber sends their text message to in order to subscribe or interact with the SMS system. Like tv voting where a viewer texts the word “vote” to 54545 – the 54545 number is the “shortcode”.

Shortcodes have to be approved and accepted by each mobile company for it to work on their network. The process takes weeks or months and is very expensive. For this reason, an SMS marketing/list company will buy and set up the shortcode and then lease “keywords” on their system to marketers like you. A keyword is how their system knows what member to send the text message to. If you want to market a pizza shop, there’s a good chance you might want to use the word “pizza” in a campaign, like text the word “pizza” to 54545. Well, on a typical shortcode system, someone else probably is already using the keyword “pizza”, which means you can’t use it. This means keywords are precious and there’s a lot of competition. This also means keywords cost a lot of money. Not so with longcodes.

A “longcode” is just a regular local phone number. Longcodes are very inexpensive – only $1 per month and it belongs to only you. That means you can use any keyword you want and as many as you want and NEVER PAY MORE.

Internet Marketing WordPress Theme | WordPress For Internet Marketers

Value: $97

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Lose money? No problem, you can always earn it back. But when you lose time, you lose it forever…

Every day that passes is a day older for you and me. Multiply that by 365 and you are a year older.

Go around and ask every marketer you meet: “Do you have enough time?”

And most will answer: “No I don’t have enough time. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day.”

The reason why “there aren’t enough hours in a day” is because they are spending time doing the wrong tasks.

Tasks such as designing and/or programming their site when they are not designers or programmers to begin with.

(not to mention that even if you manage to create your site, it’s most likely to be low quality because – let’s face it – you’re not a designer or programmer…)

You know what’s smart?

Value: $37

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Introducing… Easy WordPress SEO

“Think of Easy WP SEO as Your Professional SEO Consultant That Analyzes, Optimizes, and Scores Your Post or Page Using 23 Proven On-Page SEO Factors…” (And Always Gets the Job Done in a Few Seconds or LESS)

Just push a button, and Easy WP SEO analyzes your post, page, or custom post type for 23 proven on-page SEO factors. It easily saves you 5 to 15 minutes of SEO grunt work every time you create or update a post or page.

Displays an SEO and keyword density score that reveals how well your content is optimized for the search engines. Make sure you get this right because too low of an SEO score will cost you higher search engine rankings, and too high of a keyword density could get your site penalized, de-indexed, or even banned by Google.

Provides you with a detailed checklist of suggested SEO “tweaks”. These changes to your content can dramatically increase your search engine rankings, improve quality scores for Google Adwords, and bring you more FREE targeted traffic to your website.


Smart Affiliate Links | Track Your Converting Keywords

Value: $47

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Affiliate Marketers: “I Doubled My Affiliate Marketing Sales by Installing the Smart Affiliate Links Plugin!”
“If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you need to get your hands on this wordpress plugin today”

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

If you’re interested in creating more profitable affiliate marketing campaigns then I suggest you read every word of this letter…

My name is Chris Fong and for the last 3 years I’ve been successfully making money from affiliate marketing. Year after year my earnings have improved and last year I did over 6 figures in pure profit with my online business…

Headway Premium WordPress Theme 2.0.10

On October 20, 2011, in SEO Tools, Wordpress, by Kevin

Headway Premium WordPress Theme 2.0.10

Value: $164

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Get Started Instantly

Headway gives you a great deal of freedom and power over your blog. Where to begin? The first time you activate Headway, the Quick Start Wizard guides you smoothly through the set up and design process. Just follow the steps to choose your layout, colors, and more.
Killer Features

Headway lets you copy and paste your Google analytics code, achieve effortless rounded corners, generate a color scheme automatically based on the colors in your header image, use “hooks” without writing PHP, attain search engine optimization nirvana without adding any extra plugins, and much more. These are only a few of the killer features in Headway.
Design Visually

Who says you have to dig deep into HTML and code to change the layout of your site? Headway’s Visual Editor lets you do anything from creating a standard blog page to creating an e-commerce site. And of course, Headway can create unique layouts for each and every one of your pages.
The Best SEO Features Built-In

Headway features the best search engine optimization features out of any blog theme out there—all built in. No need for extra SEO plugins. Being visible in search engines is imperative for internet survival, and with Headway, SEO is easy to implement at the blog, page and post levels.

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