WOTD 2/7/12: ZERO Cold Calling Ever, Ever, Ever (x100)?

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/536076-wotd-2-7-12-zero-cold-calling-ever-ever-ever-x100.html

Product Price: $17.5


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Here are just a few of the gate-crashing, competition-crushing, client-attraction nuggets you’ll get:

• Jim’s “idiot proof” 3-step system for landing new clients fast WITHOUT cold calling! (Video #2)
• How to guarantee your marketing message gets past the gatekeeper, and is seen IMMEDIATELY by the decision maker! (Video #6)
• How to (legally) print your own money any time you need it! (Video #3)
• How to compel business owners to grab the phone and call you immediately! (Video #4)
• How to take price out of the equation! Command premium prices regardless of what your competitor is “giving away” his services for!

What Will Happen To You
If You DON’T Take Action NOW?

One of three things will most likely happen if you delay:

1. The price will significantly increase, or become unavailable at any price. This is a very special offer that won’t last forever, especially at this ridiculously low price. (We’re practically giving it away.) You’re getting a system that normally would cost over $1,000 for a tiny fraction of that.
2. You could sign up six months from now. But even if the system is even still available (no guarantees on that) you will wind up paying significantly more. And that’s on top of the lost opportunity cost: tens-of-thousands of dollars you could have made if you’d acted sooner.
3. You could continue to struggle doing the same old things to attract clients, and go broke and/or go out of business.

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