WP Amaniche

On January 9, 2012, in IM Softwares, by jacob

Product: WP Amaniche 3.0 - 100% working - Nulled

Website: http://wpamaniche.com/

Price: $47


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Hi, Edwin here.

You may have or not heard of us, but we specialize in the development of WordPress Plugins (software) and related products that helps our Clients to make their lives easier and their businesses more succesful by automating processes that can normally take days or weeks to complete when done manually.

With the internet becoming more and more competitive time is of the essence and that time is much better spend on the marketing of your sites then the tedious stuff that doesn't make money for you.

More Time For Promotion Means More Sales

When we started out in internet marketing one of our business models was to create many sites selling physical products. With great energy we started to build our sites, creating descriptions, finding product pictures, getting our affiliate links ready and then placing all that info on our sites.

We were building site after site as we wanted an empire of product sites as the more sites you have the more money you are able to make. But then it hit home as the more sites we were having the more time we had to spend also to promote those sites, otherwise we weren't getting any visitors and therefore NO sales!

So we decided to work even harder, 16 hours a day and 7 days a week to build our empire of Product Sites as quickly as possible. But after a while we realised that we could not keep up with the promotion of all the sites we were building. This is where we realised that we needed to create software to automate the site building process...

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