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On December 3, 2011, in IM Softwares, by Kevin

Product: WP Member Champ (NULLED) - Set Up A Fully Functioning Membership Site In 2 Minutes !

Sale Page: http://wpmemberchamp.com/

Product Price: $97


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If you want to set up a membership site with AWeber and PayPal, this has to be the easiest, quickest plugin to use.

Here's how it works...

First create a new list in AWeber. Just name the list. That's it. Now take the list name and paste it into the WP Member Champ plugin

Result? As soon as someone signs up to your membership site they're automatically added your AWeber list. Take a few more seconds and configure the "auto unsubscribe" option. Now, ff they cancel their subscription, they're automatically removed from your membership list.

No more manual anything! It's all taken care of for you automatically with this WP Member Champ plugin.

 Automatic Integration With PayPal!

Here's what you do. Log into your WP Member Champ plugin settings. Fill out the PayPal information inside the plugin. Hit submit. You're done!

Yes that's right -- you create your PayPal button without having to log into PayPal.

Now when someone signs up for your membership site... they're automatically directed to a registration page with their username and password and a login form. . Once they log in they can now access your members only content.

Breakdown Of Settings...

To read a full breakdown of each setting, click here.

Plus, you can specificy what you want your checkout button to look like... and also you can click ONE button on any page or post to now insert your paypal button... join your membership site. Awesome!

Password Protect Partial Content...

With one click of a button.

Say you want to create a post where non-members can access just some of the content... but not all of it. You simply highlight the text and click the protect button in the WordPress editor for any page or post you create and it's done!

Same With Login Forms

When you install the WP Member Champ plugin, it will automatically add the login widget to your sidebar. Of course you can move it or change it if you like. Also, there is a one button solution if you wish to add the login form to any page or post in your WordPress membership site.

JUST ADDED! Protect Your Downloads From Being Passed Around!

New feature allows you to protect all your content so members can't pass the URL around to nonmembers (like in forums, email, etc.).

If this happens, then nonmembers who try to download your stuff are instead redirect to your sales page. And it takes seconds to do this

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