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Revolutionaly And Newly Developed WordPress Plugin Puts Your Site On Warp Speed And Onto Google’s First Page!

This plugin will convert your per-page comment feeds into a feed that actually includes the entire content of your post.

Not only that, it will take this URL and AUTOMATICALLY submit it to up to 13 RSS aggregation sites around the web.

This actually IMPROVES your site’s ability to be indexed, exponentially increases the likelihood of syndication and distribution, and even automates the most tedious task involved.

A time saver, that ALSO multiplies your EFFORTS, as well as your RESULTS. And remember:

Results = Rankings = MORE MONEY

But that’s not all – because of the automated syndication feature, this plugin can become a fully automated backlink-building machine! All you need to do is post and publish.

If your content gets grabbed and picked up, of course it will AUTOMATICALLY contain a link back to your main money-making website! Once again, this plugin allows you to focus on the HUMAN element, and leaves all the mindless busy work to the computer to handle.

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