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On November 28, 2011, in IM Softwares, by Kevin

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The Snowball Concept:

The concept behind the tool is more a case of reinventing the wheel, but doing a damn fine job at it. Think what BMW did to British Leyland’s Mini, and you’ll get the point I am trying to make.

First you write a blog post on your blog and publish it (pretty normal)

However, the magic is what occurs after this publishing event: WP Snowball goes off to different content sources on the web, such as Ezine articles, Yahoo Answers, PR Web among others, and creates a series of additional related posts based on your article.

See the following graphic for a more visual representation of the idea:

What you end up with is a system that is automatically creating related content posts based on the seed article.

Why is that good? Because it is the easiest way I know to create 100s and 100s of blog posts around a theme which you can then get indexed in Google.
What you are getting in this system is the ability to create lots and lots of pages with relevant themes and lots of different keyword weightings. That means that you literally capture 1000s of very low hanging keyword fruit with very little effort.

I have seen some very significant traffic spikes after just a few days of having this plug-in installed. What’s more, because a citation approach is taken when quoting the content, with all the links and articles cited correctly, it’s therefore pretty much a whiter-than-white affair (apart from the fact that you can then turn off the citation links in the back office.

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