WP Types – CRED Frontend Editor 1.2

On July 22, 2013, in Wordpress, by Billy

WP Types – CRED Frontend Editor 1.2

Sale Page: http://wp-types.com/home/cred/

Product Price: $95


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WP Types – CRED Frontend Editor 1.2

CRED – Front-End Content Creation and Editing
Want to build WordPress classifieds sites, directories or anything else that requires user-interaction? CRED is the solution.

CRED forms create and edit any WordPress content type, with custom fields and taxonomy. CRED will build the forms for you, and you design the look using simple HTML and CSS. CRED’s comprehensive API allows you to build complete web apps with WordPress.

CRED Frontend editor is an all one in so[lution for allowing users to interact with your site.  It can not only display forms, but allow users to submit actual content and posts on the site.

Use CRED if you want to:
Create a custom forum.
Create a directory listing.
Create a classified.
Anything else in which you want the users to interact and then display on the site.

Combined with the other onTheGo Toolset plugins, this can provide a complete framework for creating your own web-apps in wordpress with zero coding.



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