WSO Of The Day! – Controversial – $26,621.64 Made Without A List Or My Own Product (Simple & Easy)

Value: $9.95

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Hey Tim…..

A good value for the dollar, are you kidding? The receipt of an empty matchbook cover and a coupla’ empty beer cans would have been a good value for this dollar, but what I received was a hell of a tremendous value.

Let’s see in Instant Cash Formulas you get, 6 videos, 6 pdf documents and a great step by step formula to make money with very little, to no money, out of pocket, what the hell else could a body want? All this, PLUS it’s being produced and offered by a substantial and prolific, well known, IM celeb. You must be kiddin’, right?

All of this starting at $7. (I was able to purchase it at under $10.), whoever could call that a bad deal, I would write off as a “nink in poop”! That would qualify anyone in that catagory as absolutly insane!

Best of luck on this and count me in for any future “good deals” you may have laying around your house! In fact, if this is your idea of good, count in on any “so-so deals” hanging around your house, LOL!

Ray Morgan

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