WSO Of The Day – Over 3,000 Sold – Killer Live Workshop With Rights – Never Before Offered

Value: $8.2

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Reserved For FAQ:

1. What rights come with this offer?

You have the right to sell this product as your own. You can’t pass on any rights, and you can’t give it away. If you want to give like one module away from a squeeze page that is fine, but you can’t do any more than that.

We want everyone to be able to make money off this package, so please don’t abuse the terms and please make sure you don’t sell it for a silly price. We are selling it at a low price just so Warriors can get their hands on it. It’s a money maker for sure, and if you use it correctly you will make some money.

2. Liz, Are you providing the a do it for you setup service for this product.

We sure are… Each time I release a product with rights, I always offer a service where we will set it up for you. It’s very inexpensive, and everything will be setup for you.

Support Issues:

It’s really hard for us to do support here in the thread. We get tons of replies on the thread and some people’s replies can get missed. If you have any issues at all please use our support desk at and we can better help you there.


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