WSO of the Day 1/17/12 – Video Event Sneak Attack – People already lining up clients! No OTO

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Agree, this is excellent, very impressed with how easy it is to do even as a raw newbie just starting out, or how it can improve an existing offline business immediately.

I've found that the true key to making Offline endeavors wildly lucrative is to get the client to genuinely feel that if they don't go forward with you they're going to be missing out.

That's really the key, because it seperates you from the competition in such a way that your conversion rate skyrockets.

This lets you focus more on the actual services themselves (upselling the client and monetizing them more thorougly) and it creates tremendous loyalty and revenue from that client.

Great job Craig, very neat, just sent a note out about it to the Fast Attack family.

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